Richard Newnham

About Richard

Richard is an actor, writer, director and stand up comedian.

 “Hello my name is Richard Newnham and I’m a member of the Hijinx Academy. I’m from Caerphilly which is a 20 minute journey away from Cardiff. In Hijinx I have learnt various things such as Acting for Screen and Commedia Del Arte amongst so many other skills too. In terms of my projects I’ve done so many things but the biggest ones were Flatmates which is an online sitcom which I created with my friend Daniel Shaun, Also, Meet Fred which has been touring around South Wales and also will be up in the Fringe very shortly and Beneath the Streets which we did last year and got a lot of attention and for a very good reason too. In terms of learning a script I can learn it in a matter of minutes, any script you give me! In terms of transport I am good with trains and buses and also I’m learning to drive so hopefully a car will be in the equation too. If you don’t think that’s enough about me check out my CV and follow the links to Flatmates. That’s it, thank you!”