Adam C Webb

About Adam

“Hello, my name is Adam. I am a professional Hijinx Actor, and my learning disability is mainly autism. I am based here in Cardiff and well, since I’ve been at Hijinx I feel that, I’ve just found it an amazing experience to behold. I’ve learnt lots of new acting skills, lots of other new experiences and skills aswell that I’ve managed to discover. But what I’ve enjoyed is, like, how to learn scripts for the camera, because I’m a huge film fan, I’ve seen loads of films, and yeah, I just love them to bits, really. And I’m currently in a production that Hijinx are doing called ‘The Flop” aswell. Which is just an amazing experience, especially with the touring that we’ve got coming up soon and so on.

I’m an independent liver, and therefore I travel on my own. I’m also pretty good, I feel, at learning scripts as well, I feel like as long as you’re calm and relaxed, anyone can learn a script in time.”


Photographs by Ellen Groves and Jonathan Dunn